Link Life Coaching with Cynthia Culver - A program designed to help you break through your mid-career and life plateaus.

About Cynthia Baker

Cynthia Baker is passionate about helping people uncover what’s holding them back and experience the excitement of unlocking their potential and reaching their goals. Drawing from years of professional coaching and counseling experience, Cynthia specifically designed the Link program to help clients connect the dots between the way they think and how they act.  When people see how their mindsets fit together with their behaviors and the results they experience, they can finally make lasting changes in the places they’ve been stuck.

Cynthia loves helping people get “unstuck” so they can pursue a passionate life that brings joy. Breaking through barriers usually involves learning to move past failure, navigating challenging relationships and addressing circumstances with clarity on the path to living a fulfilling life. She loves inviting people to experience the freedom that God has for their lives.

Raised in Tyler, Texas, Cynthia graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1992. In 2002, after seven years in the financial world, Cynthia left corporate America to attend Dallas Theological Seminary, where she received her Master’s in Biblical Counseling. She has spent the last two decades working with and developing people in a variety of settings, from counseling and recovery practice, church ministry, and now coaching individuals, small businesses, corporate teams and CEOs.

Free time for Cynthia usually involves family, friends and outdoor activities (and typically coffee). Her favorite pastime is hanging out with her people – including her new husband, a rambunctious 12 – year old boy and her dogs, Clara and Lucy.